How does The Peace Initiative work?

If a person was serious about finding peace in their lives, what would they do?   Some people claim that in order for them to discover true lasting peace, they would have to travel to some far off land and live in a quiet and serene mountain monastery.  Others would say they must give up their worldly possessions and step away from many professional or family responsibilities.  The popular idea is that peace is nowhere to be found in the frantic Board Room of a fortune 500 company or in the busy kitchen of a young family complete with screaming babies and barking dogs.   While itís true that a having access to a quiet place is certainly more conducive to developing a sense of peace and serenity than a loud environment.  The simple fact is most people fail to realize that their inner space is a much larger part of the peace equation than their outer environment.

As much as we would love to create that perfect quiet place where everything goes smooth and life unfolds without a problem, the truth is that life happens when it happens.  Life is seldom a straight road lined with flowers where everything works perfectly.  So the question is, where does a person go to find inner peace and stillness?  The answer is simple... no where other than where you are right now! Peace is yours to have right now, not tomorrow or 10 years from now.  It is intrinsic in life wherever you are... whenever you are.  This is one of the most important core teachings and universal truths that The Peace Initiative inc. will endeavor to educate and examine.

To that end we have introduced the concept of The Blog Wheel of Life. Through The Blog Wheel of Life, the educators of The Peace Initiative will share their stories of how they found lasting peace, spiritual fulfillment and awareness while living in a chaotic and demanding world and performing normal everyday activities.  With this information, you will learn how to push the envelope of the norm, break the molds of mind created concepts and enter a state of timeless freedom and lasting peace.

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